Eleana M. Conway

Eleana obtained her Bachelors of Science. in Nursing from Saint Anselm College in 1995 and earned her Masters in Community Health Nursing and Family Nurse Practitioner from Boston College in 1998. She has studied at the UMass Medical School, Center for Mindfulness and is Reiki I certified.

Over the course of her professional career, Eleana has worked with individuals across the lifespan struggling with a wide range of challenges; including chronic disease and addiction. She served as Head Nurse Practitioner in the Adult Pulmonary, Asthma, and Allergy Clinic and co-lead Smoking Cessation Programs at Boston Medical Center.

For over a decade, Eleana directed population health and risk reduction opportunities across corporations and health systems. She passionately promotes a culture of health and encourages all to pursue a balanced lifestyle through her public speaking and through the development and facilitation of evidence based and patient centered wellness programs; including Weight Management, Physical Activity, Tobacco Treatment, and Stress Management Training Programs.

Her experience as a school nurse has taught her first-hand about the challenges kids face and how to best support, engage, and empower them in self-care and stress reduction practices. She serves as a direct link between improved health and lifestyle changes so that no one has to face their journey alone.

Eleana has a longstanding interest in the practice of meditation. She believes cultivating mindfulness plays an important role in the reduction of disease and suffering and in learning to live in a skillful way.

For more than a decade, Eleana has been dedicated to her own formal meditation and yoga practice; growing and refining her own form, technique and spiritual connection. She often refers to her practice as the ‘superhero cape’ that allows her to happily and successfully manage her personal and professional life, and to stay present and balanced in our face-paced society.

In 2017, Eleana opened Restore Meditation, in Woburn, MA, Boston’s First Modern Meditation studio to share the benefits of mindfulness with others.

An important aspect of her life is family; including her husband, four children, and dog.

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Jodi Santosuosso

As a Family Nurse Practitioner in Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, Jodi began to research the benefits of mindfulness in adults and questioned whether these same benefits could be brought to children in my current practice.

In the summer of 2014, Jodi enrolled in an eight week Mind Body Stress Reduction Course at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. This training introduced me to the concept of mindfulness and the importance of not being in autopilot. As a mother of two children, Jodi wanted to share this gift of being mindful with them and those around me. In December of 2015, Jodi completed a 10-week practicum, A Still Quiet Place, mindfulness program for teaching children and adolescents to ease stress and difficult emotions by Dr. Amy Saltzman. Both trainings integrated yoga as a practice to find the body mind connection. Jodi started taking classes at Yoga Moves in June of 2015 and over time learned to arrive on my mat and stay in the present moment. Yoga has awakened me from the life of being in autopilot. This new awakening led me to want to teach yoga to young children, adolescents and adults. Jodi completed levels 1-3 training through Radiant Child Yoga in March of 2016 and recently completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training with Mary Ellen Goodsir at Yoga Moves in Stoneham, MA. As a yoga teacher and Reiki Level 1 practitioner, my classes embrace the mind body connection allowing students to not only arrive on their mat but to also be present on their mat. My teaching style encourages students out of their head and into their body through various styles of yoga.

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Lizzie Muse

Lizzie Muse (Jagatmeet Kaur Khalsa) is a K.R.I. certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher and a certified level 2 Reiki practitioner.

Her classes are upbeat, deeply meditative and relaxing, and filled with fun yogic knowledge that you can use in everyday life. Lizzie has been practicing Kundalini Yoga since 2008 and became an instructor in 2013. Lizzie trained and mentored with Tej Kaur Khalsa and Harijiwan in Los Angeles. Upon graduating, Lizzie assisted Tej Kaur Khlasa in opening Nine Treasures Yoga and was blessed to serve her beloved teacher for one year.

Lizzie truly believes that Kundalini Yoga and Meditation will leave you feeling, happy, bright and light. She lives her lift by thsi Yogi Bhajan quote, "You should make yourself so happy, that just by looking at you, others become happy too!"

Kristen Polizzotto

Kristen’s pursuit of learning and balance has been a life-long journey. She grew-up on Cape Cod as the second daughter of two lifelong teachers; grammar school and high school special education.

Kristen graduated from Susquehanna University with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology and Suffolk University with a Master’s of Education in School Counseling. For over 10 years served as a High School Guidance Counselor for over 10 years and is a regular three-season cross-country and track and field coach. In addition to being a role model to her athletes, she has worked to address the many strains and pressures that high school life brings through the development of curriculum, pilot programs, and several peer organizations.

Following a difficult two-year battle with cancer, which included the birth of her son, she sought ought physical engagement and the emotional tuning that yoga and meditation brought. Her experience led Kristen to complete her 200 hr yoga certification and Wellness Champion Certification through Breathe for Change; an organization dedicated to empowering teachers as champions of well-being in their lives, classrooms, and school communities. She also has her Barre Certification from North End Yoga.

She is a proud Melanoma and Lymphoma Cancer Survivor and has completed the Boston Marathon twice to raise funds for Melanoma Foundation of New England.

Reve Drapeau

Reve is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, and Certified Marconics Practitioner. She is a graduate of The Massage School in Boston, MA, and is trained in Swedish and Thai Yoga Massage as well as multiple therapeutic modalities including: Shiatsu and Myofascial Release, and Reflexology.

Reve tailors her sessions to each client’s unique needs by combining her intuition with her vast knowledge and experience. She encourages open dialogue with her clients and is always open to learning and expanding her knowledge to improve the lives of others.

Sandy Griffin

Sandy Griffin is a Yoga Instructor and Wellness Coach and is certified in Pathways Yoga Systems and with the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute.

Sandy is passionate about bringing a sense of wellness and positive energy to her classes as well as helping her students grow in their awareness of mind-body alignment and breathwork. Her gently healing style helps her students feel more confident in their meditation and yoga practice.

Sandy grew up in Revere and before raising her children was a Retail Manager. She discovered yoga in 2003, when she started practicing yoga to prepare for the birth of her fourth child. Her yoga and Reiki practice carried her through some rough times in life, including a thyroid cancer diagnosis in 2004.

Her practice and passion for yoga grew and led her to becoming certified in 2007, so that she might share the benefits of meditation and yoga with others. Sandy is also a Certified Wellness Coach and specializes in Working with pre- and post-menopausal women. She believes that life doesn’t need to take a turn toward poor health as we enter what Dr Sears refers to as “The Prime Time Years”. She has lived in North Reading for nearly 15 years.

Sandy wants every person to find awareness of the present moment, to be able to connect to others in a more meaningful way, and find the bliss that meditation and yoga can bring to each and every soul.

Amy LeFave

Amy’s love for yoga began in 2014 with a desire to become physically fit. She soon realized that the poses and postures were just the tip of the iceberg. Through her practice of yoga, breath work, meditation, and mindfulness, Amy has realized positive changes in all aspects of her life. She completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2019 and is a member of the Yoga Alliance. She is working towards additional certifications in kid’s yoga, yoga for autism, and meditation.

Amy incorporates asana, pranayama, meditation, and mindfulness into her classes, and strives to create a safe, welcoming space for people to practice self-care and realize self-love. Her practice and teaching are both always evolving; Amy is continuously learning, changing, and growing, and honors that you are too. She believes that the hardest part of yoga sometimes is showing up- allowing yourself to be removed from the outside world for the length of class and focusing solely on yourself. Self-care is the best care. Amy’s goal is to give you the opportunity to relax, to rejuvenate your body and mind, and to be part of a community that feels like home.

When she’s not teaching or practicing yoga, Amy enjoys hiking, reading, making dreamcatchers, and having her children use her as their own personal jungle gym. Amy also currently works as a behavior therapist for children with autism.

Julie Aronis

Julie started regularly attending power yoga classes for improved physical fitness in 2008, while working as a preschool teacher. Almost immediately, she realized the many other benefits of yoga, including a lowered stress level and an overall feeling of happiness.. Three months later she took a foundations training with YogaKids and began teaching her preschool students yoga.

Two years later, while encouraging a friend to return to yoga, Julie serendipitously discovered Hatha Yoga, and quickly realized that this was the practice for her. In December 2010, her life was changed when on a whim; she traveled solo to Rishikesh, India, the magical, self-proclaimed yoga capital of the world. In September 2011, she returned to Rishikesh to attend Rishikesh Yog Peeth and completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training certification.

Julie obtained her 300 hour Yoga Therapy Training and has completed several shorter trainings, including Vinyasa yoga, Restorative Yoga and Trauma-Informed Yoga. Wanting to expand her knowledge in the children’s realm Julie completed several children yoga trainings including YogaKids Foundations, Creative Relaxation Yoga Therapy for children with special needs- levels 1 and 2 with Louise Goldberg. Yoga for Children with ADHD, Autism and those who are Differently-Abled with Radiant Child Yoga. Chidlight Yoga Trauma Informed Yoga and Mindfulness for Children, Childlight Yoga for Youth Athletes.

Julie began an on again off again meditation practice in 2011, but felt like she was missing something. Once committing to daily practice she found that meditation helped her to feel happier and lighter and gave her the same release yoga did. Within weeks people were asking her what she was doing differently.

In March 2019, Julie completed, Meditation for Everyone with The Boston Buddha. Julie is a passionate and approachable teacher. Her goal in teaching is to create a space that is healing, non-judgmental and safe and that each student leaves class feeling better than when they arrived.

An unexpected benefit of her meditation practice is that it has deepened her bond with her rescue dog Charmin. He sometimes nudges Julie to remind her it’s time for practice and often joins her in sitting in their ‘meditation spot.’ He has become her “meditation support animal.”

Nicolette Manzi

Nicolette was born and raised in Woburn, and graduated from St. Anselm College, Manchester, NH in 2018 with a Bachelor's degree in Biology and a minor in Psychology from Saint Anselm College in Manchester, NH.

Meditation and yoga have been an integral part of Nicolette’s daily life since she found herself suffering from debilitating anxiety resulting from the stressors associated with being a college student. She discovered that meditation helped her cope with her everyday struggle and a daily meditation practice soon became an essential part of her routine. Soon thereafter, in looking for a way to move and challenge herself physically as well as mentally, she found the gift of yoga.

Compelled to share her life changing experience with meditation and yoga, Nicolette decided to become a certified yoga instructor and in June of 2018, she completed her RYT 200. Throughout her training, Nicolette explored all aspects of yoga, ranging from Ashtanga to restorative practices, such as Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and Restorative Yoga. She believes that the potential for yoga to be a physical yet mentally restorative practice allows her students to take what they need most from their practice, and is one of Nicolette’s favorite parts of yoga.

Restore holds a special place in Nicolette’s heart, as it is the first meditation studio she had ever visited. Restore Owner, Eleana, instantly became a mentor and a great source of guidance for Nicolette as she considered her future aspirations as well her yoga training. In the future, Nicolette wishes to be a healthcare provider and hopes to bring the skills and benefits of yoga and meditation to her patients. Nicolette hopes to help make these practices a more integral part of healthcare, similarly to the exceptional work Eleana has already done with Restore. Eleana and the Restore team have been essential in guiding Nicolette, and she couldn’t think of a better place to start her teaching experience then at Restore.

Nicolette’s wisdom, passion and love for yoga are evident in her teaching She encourages her students to find the inner calm that lies within each of us, and to realize the importance of caring for ourselves and bringing what we learn in yoga with us as we move ‘off the mat.” Due to her own personal experience with anxiety and the stresses that affect each of us, Nicolette often gears her classes toward not striving for perfection, but rather realigning energy, and finding a little peace that students can take with them off their mat.

Nicolette is excited to teach in her hometown and share her passion for meditation and yoga with the Restore community. She looks forward to the journey that lies ahead as she begins her role as an instructor and how her practice will continue to deepen along the way. When not practicing yoga or meditation, Nicolette can be found working at Mount Auburn Hospital and spending time with her family and friends. She also writes a wellness blog in her free time, which can be found at melospace.wordpress.com. Here Nicolette opens up about her own personal experiences with yoga, meditation, and her journey of becoming a yoga instructor. Her blog is one of her favorite ways to connect with people off of her mat.

Renee Gelin

Renee has earned degrees in biology, law and education from Rutgers University, Boston College, Boston University School of Law, and Salem State University. As a lifelong learner, Renee Gelin continually strives to be her highest self, to accomplish as much as she can, and to inspire others to do the same.

For over 21 years, Renee has tutored students to prepare them for tests including SAT, ACT, SSAT, GRE and LSAT. She has also provided academic support in math, science, Spanish, and English Language Arts, and has created and delivered enrichment curriculum for private students of various ages. She has taught middle school math for the past 17 years.

Since becoming widowed 9 years ago, Renee has had to call upon her resilience, belief in love, and stubborn refusal to give up. To this end, she practices mindfulness and has taken meditation classes in several Eastern and Middle Eastern traditions. Renee uses Soul Collage, coloring and painting, and labyrinths to deepen and enrich her mindfulness practice. She is also currently engaged in the study of two spiritual traditions: Mussar and Buddhism. Mussar is the study and practice of a Jewish virtue-based ethic which teaches one to live a meaningful life, and a way to understand and act in the world. Mussar dovetails beautifully with Buddhism and mindful meditation and has significantly improved Renee’s way of moving through life and relating to others.

Renee regularly brings mindfulness and meditation into her classroom and tutoring practice. She believes students of all ages, but especially middle and high school age, should routinely be taught mindfulness to combat the increasing anxiety and stress-related illness kids are experiencing. Meditation can also counteract some of the negative aspects of perpetually being entranced by smartphones and the internet.

Renee is the mother of 3 adult children and 2 spoiled cats. She is active in her community and in her synagogue and she watches too much TV. She has written and published 2 books and appeared on several podcasts. She really has no idea what her next big adventure will be, but she has learned to be grateful for unknown blessings already on their way.

Vanessa Mulvey

A musician by training, Vanessa Mulvey was introduced to Body Mapping in 2005, which set her career on the unexpected trajectory focusing on helping musicians avoid injury and heal through movement. She is excited to bring this healing work to people from all walks of life at Restore. The benefits of Body Mapping include enhanced movement quality for any activity, reduction of wear and tear on joints and enhancement of soft tissue healing.

Vanessa’s insatiable curiosity has led her to explore movement with her flute and without it in actives that range from Flying Trapeze, to Parkour, to Core Movement Integration. She combines these experiences with her knowledge of the design of the body for movement for classes that focus on mindful movement that is gentle and integrative. She has seen how clients find comfort in their own body by understanding simple anatomy and experiencing movement.

Vanessa is a Level 1 Certified MovNat Instructor and is in the 100-hour Core Movement Integration Training Program. In January 2019, her fascination with movement and awareness led her to a mindfulness meditation practice that kicked off at Restore Meditation. Her classes are a wonderful blend of Body Mapping with mindfulness. Vanessa is a faculty member at the New England Conservatory of Music and Longy School of Music of Bard College, in her own studio and as a guest clinician throughout the country. She has been a guest instructor for the YMCA’s Livestrong program.

Janet Williams

Janet Williams is a 200 RYT and Reiki Practitioner, with immense love for sound therapy. As a mom she found her way to yoga in search for herself again, reconnecting to her body and breath cultivating growth and expansion.

Sound became the bridge her journey within. Taking the room commanding attention with each note, leaving space only for breath and connection; eliminating distraction and connecting you to the present moment.

She is passionate about sharing her love of sound, mediation, yoga and creative art; cultivating peace and happiness. Building a practice that promotes healing, acceptance and harmony in the mind, body and soul. She can’t wait to get to know you and share her passion.

Karen Ciardi

Karen’s journey to find balance in her life with yoga and meditation began several years ago when her children entered their teen years. As a technical project manager, she spends her days juggling high-pressure deadlines and the demands of a busy family life. Karen believes the yoga mat represents a haven to recharge and reconnect with life. Yoga and meditation have enabled her to ride the waves of life with a sense of calm and peace. As an added bonus, having an established yoga and meditation practice helped her gain full mobility and flexibility after two total hip replacements.

Karen started her meditation journey through the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital and it grew into a daily meditation habit. After years of practicing yoga, Karen deepened her knowledge and attained her 200-hour yoga teacher certification in June 2019.

Karen believes that yoga and meditation are beneficial for everyone - from young to old and from super fit to those with limitations. These tools meet the student where they are and the experience can last long after class. Her goal in teaching is to help people enjoy the effects of yoga and meditation and to feel refreshed when leaving class. She teaches with a sense of fun and gentle encouragement to help students to find the full benefit of their practice.

Karen Poole

Karen has worked in the legal industry for over 20 years advocating on behalf of women and children. Her exploration of yoga and meditation began in 2014, as she sought tools for of stress management.

Karen knows first-hand that stress can wreak havoc on the body and that breath work, meditation and yoga can relax and restore the mind, body, and soul. Through her kind, compassionate, inclusive teaching style she offers freedom for exploration and transformation in guiding others to find balance and unwind.

She believes that yoga and mindfulness are truly accessible to all and her classes are a space free of from judgement or competition and filled with self-love and gratitude. Physical flexibility is not a prerequisite, only an open mind and heart.

Karen is a 200-hour certified yoga teacher and received her Reiki I attunement. Her special interests and areas of current study include meditation, restorative yoga, trauma-informed yoga, yoga nidra, yin yoga, Yoga for 12 Step Recovery, and Ayurveda.

She resides with her son in Woburn. She enjoys the beautiful shores and beaches of Cape Ann with her family, including her three granddaughters, as often as possible.

Mary Knowles

Mary holds a certificate in personal trainer and has always had a passion for health and wellness. As a radiation therapist, she has witnessed how stress, and living an unhealthy and unbalanced life can lead to disease.

Having dedicated most of her adult life to health and fitness, she more recently discovered the benefits of yoga and meditation. Through awareness of the mind/body connection and linking movement with the breath she found she could relax her nervous system and find balance and peace. Her own yoga practice is constantly evolving and was further expanded by the knowledge and wisdom she gained in yoga teacher training.

Mary guides students through a safe and soulful practice allowing space to honor whatever shows up on one's mat or in one's life. Her classes are accessible to every body, learning what serves you and your heart best, and to deeply listen to your inner voice. You will leave class with new tools to bring into your everyday life. She welcomes all levels, especially beginners, and looks forward to meeting you in her class.

Her interests include restorative and yoga nidra, mindfulness and mediation, trauma-informed yoga as well as essential oils and Ayurveda practices. You can also find her making art in her spare time with alcohol inks, resin and acrylics.