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Mindfulness doesn’t just make us happier and healthier - it’s a proven competitive advantage with significant bottom line savings for businesses.

We come to you, you come to us. We will meet you wherever you are on your mindful journey.

Skeptical? Just ask companies like, Nike, Google, Intel, and Apple who have seen significant benefits from integrating mindfulness into their corporate settings.

Cost of Stress at Work
It is estimated that stress-related medical expenses cost U.S. companies more than $300 billion a year in absenteeism, turnover, and diminished productivity and creativity. Mindfulness lowers stress, increases mental focus, and alleviates depression among workers and has greatly benefited companies that integrate these programs into their culture. Restore your team and watch stress and burnout get replaced with focus and productivity.
Colleague benefits:
  • Energy and vitality
  • Focus, concentration, memory and creativity
  • Productivity, efficiency, and buffering from potentially disruptive factors
  • Problem solving skills
  • Resiliency
  • Communication skills and teamwork
  • Overall health and wellbeing
  • Stress and anxiety
Company Benefits
  • Productivity, response time, memory and focus
  • Positive working environment
  • Efficiency which increases profit
  • Goal pursuit through improved attentional and motivational properties
  • Ability to connect better with the true needs of your clients
  • Sense of purpose
  • Connection with clients, colleagues, and company
  • Absentee rates, presenteeism, and employee burnout
  • Medical Costs

We create tailored a-la-carte series to achieve your corporate goals in an easily accessible, effective and efficient way, allowing you and your staff to be their best every day.

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