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Our mission is to redefine meditation and to inspire you to restore daily. view our classes
Research shows that just 20 minutes of mindfulness a day leads to better stress management and overall well-being. start your journey today

Things to know

Our goal is to create a calm, soothing environment where everyone can relax. As such, we ask our clients to keep a few things in mind when attending classes:

  • No special attire is needed but we will ask you to remove your shoes at the door, so feel free to bring your favorite cozy socks. We also have comfy socks for purchase at the studio. No barefeet please.
  • Please be punctual. We will start and end class promptly at the scheduled time. Once class starts you will not be allowed in.
  • Feel free to bring a blanket if you will be more comfortable.
  • Please silence or turn your cell phones off and do not use them during class.
  • Please refrain from wearing, or emitting, strong scents.
  • If you are sick please wait until you are feeling better before coming to class.
Letter from the Founder

Hello friend,

Thank you for your interest in Restore. As a nurse practitioner, I have seen a growing number of my patients present with stress-related health problems. Scientific studies show that practicing 20 minutes of mindfulness each day can change our brains in a positive way, reducing our stress and improving our health. My mission was to create a space and community that supports easy, effective and efficient meditation so that everyone can reap the benefits- whether you are a child, student, a stay at home mom or budding C-Suite executive. Come connect with us and walk away feeling centered, focused and restored.


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